The XVA is a cool mash-up of strategic planning and experience design.
— M. Wales, CMP

eXperience Visioning Assessment (XVA)

The XVA is comprehensive process for reinventing existing event experiences to produce better results for audiences, organizations and related stakeholders. Beginning with deep discovery and concluding with a comprehensive transformation plan, the XVA seamlessly moves from big picture understanding through collaborative design and detailed execution.


CXO works with clients to fully understand all business dynamics, including but not limited to; audiences and their dispositions, short and long term objectives, existing products and services offered, trends and other business conditions. In cases where existing data are insufficient, CXO will perform additional market research activities.


Trained professionals experience the event as attendees, immersing themselves within the experience while observing all details. Optionally, we recommend candid interviews with attendees and other stakeholders to assist with opportunity identification.


A comprehensive document provides clients with detailed findings and recommended shifts in strategy and/or tactics to help better meet current and/or future needs.


A customized experience design workshop, during which CXO presents the findings and recommendations to organizational leaders and staff, transitioning to a facilitated workshop that generates decisions and sets direction. 


A five-year Experience Blueprint includes agreed objectives, strategies and tactics as well individual ownership and timelines.  The organization uses this blueprint to help manage the “as is/to be” transition.


As a result of conducting an XVA, clients receive;

  •   Objective, third party analysis of the experience/event(s)
  •  Recommendations to increase levels of audience engagement and better meet business objectives for the organization and  its sponsors/exhibitors
  •   A vision for future experiences, often representing a radical departure from the existing event
  •   A process and deliverables that are customized to organizational needs and objectives
  •  A five-year event blueprint - an operations plan for managing the as-is/to-be transition.

Clients value the XVA’s strategic alignment, innovative spirit, and action orientation.