Brands are defined by the experiences of consumers who, in turn, share those experiences with others through the stories they tell. Great experiences foster positive stories and, hence, strong brands. In his seminal book The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Gap Between Business Strategy and Design, author Marty Neumeier summed it up well, stating: “A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”

For many organizations, events are the ultimate manifestation of their brand experience – a make or break opportunity to connect deeply with their most important stakeholders. Well-designed events create the positive memories and stories that nurture the brand and advance its cause.  And, of course, lackluster or negative event experiences can be highly damaging to the brand, because those stories will also be told.

CXO helps companies and non-profits design progressive event experiences that engage and thrill their audiences, sponsors, and exhibitors. Strong brands result.