Content Design & Production

There is no combination of smoke and mirrors that overcomes poorly conceived messaging. Therefore, CXO Marketing focuses first and foremost on the business dynamics driving the event.

A highly inquisitive process discovers the business intelligence that ultimately drives all creative elements.  Simultaneous attention to strategic objectives and audience sensibilities ensures an experience that resonates emotionally and delivers rationally.  Critical success factors are guideposts throughout development and execution to make certain metrics are met or exceeded.

Backed by twenty years of business theatre experience, CXO develops and delivers everything from boardroom presentations to stadium extravaganzas.  Partners appropriate to project needs deliver the value and expertise required for a wide spectrum of needs.

Finally, CXO Marketing clients enjoy the high value-add of agency-style strategic focus with a fee structure that passes through tactical execution costs, such as A/V and staging, with no mark-up and full transparency.


Event Types:

Annual Conferences

 Sales Meetings

  Press Conferences/Launches

Training Events

  Sponsorship Activation (B2C and B2B)

Product-Based Demos/Experiences

Trade Show “Inserts”

Client Conferences