eXperience Visioning Assessment

  • Increasing performance and satisfaction for every audience and stakeholder
  • Longer-term reinvention based on objective, third-party analysis of every touchpoint
  • Compelling vision for future experiences
  • Five-year blueprint/
    operations plan 
  • Strategically aligned, inclusive, innovative , and action-focused

eXperience Design for Events

  • Delivering results by designing superior event experiences
  • Sharper focus on the
  • Initial invitation through final follow-up
  • Touchpoints consistently aligned to a central organizing principle
  • Investing only in elements that drive desired business results

Content Creation & Production

  • Creating understanding and action through clarity, consistency, and creativity in messaging and execution.
  • Conceptual/theme development, writing, production design, and execution of major and minor stage presentations
  • Merging strategy, creativity, and disciplined project/financial management

Workshop Design & Facilitation

  • Fostering enduring memories and behaviors through engaging learning design and facilitation
  • Creating relevance and action through a variety of formats and design approaches 
  • Interactive, engaging, and based on sound principles of adult education